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Based on the principles of freshness and spontaneity, Ten Twelve's collection is purposed to encourage femininity and individual light by recreating a timeless style that always remains. All garments are produced by responsible manufacturing partners who are carefully selected, with years of experience in ethical production. Ten twelve focus on quality in their fabric selection and look for the excellence in each origin, collaborating with manufacturers from Spain, Portugal and India, fully aware of the importance of sustainability and the respect for the environment.

Brand Q & A

Favourite cocktail: I prefer a glass of wine

Favourite restaurant: A very wild beach restaurant  in a small “cala” in Ibiza. 

Place of solace: My home in Mallorca 

Best place for inspiration: A sunset in Formentera

Top mantra: It's hard to be free but when you are it's worth it! (Janis Joplin)

What did you want to be when you grew up?  A free soul

Tell us a secret… If I tell you, it would cease to be a secret.