Glasgow School of art graduate, Molly Russell lives in Jaipur and works along-side block-printers, indigo dyers, embroiderers and weavers overseeing the whole process from start to finish.  “India has such an immensely rich culture of craft forms I’m constantly finding new processes to work with. It’s so inspirational, my senses are alive and I find beauty everywhere but craft is dying out, we must do all we can to use and promote them. “

An embroidered dress takes three days to complete. Block-printing a little quicker but we can only print during certain times of the year due to the weather.  Only natural fibres including cotton, hand-loomed khadi cotton and silk are used. Each piece has been worked on by hand whether hand spun, printed or embroidered. The hand-work brings life and a unique quality to the clothing.

Each Worksop has been vetted. The employees are treated with care and respect, working eight hour days with three breaks earning more than double the minimum wage. Each has an open door policy and she can visit whenever she likes. Molly is working with a women's centre to teach them skills so they can embroiderer the dresses earning money for themselves. 


Favourite cocktail: Pina Colada

Favourite restaurant: Magic View; wafer thin pizzas served from a fisherman’s house on beach in Patnem, Goa

Best Place for inspiration: India and Mexico, the craft meccas

Top Mantra: Don't follow the rules 

What did you want to be when you grew up: A Blue Peter presenter 

Tell us a secret: I made life size coffin for a giraffe and a video of my pet rabbit disco dancing in heaven for my for my exhibition Dearly Departed