The Lisa Taylor brand focuses on using beautifully patterned upcycled Indian fabrics to create unique pieces of luxury resort wear, home decor and women's accessories.

 Passionate about recycling and upcyclng -both form a key part of Lisa Taylor's mission statement. Their kantha embroided scarves and vintage saris offer a chance to own something truly unique, no two prints or colours are the same.


Brand Q & A

Favourite cocktail: When I drink them - a Cosmo or a Vodka Martini

Favourite restaurant: Barrafina/The Wolseley or a shack on the beach in Goa

Place of solace: A beach, in fabulous light

Best place for inspiration: On the road anywhere - India and Bali always comes up trumps!

Top mantra: Heart not head - stay true to your dream and never compromise, always follow your intuition...it never lets you down

What did you want to be when you grew up?  I thought you really could fly around on a broomstick and be a witch! Clearly not, so I ended up doing fashion.

Tell us a secret… In my other life, I have trained at the College of Psychic Studies in London as a medium and healer... the witch thing runs deep!