The Best Fit™

James Jeans is a leading premium denim brand known worldwide for perfect fit and pure design. Founded in 2004 by Seun Lim whose expertise runs deep in couture tailoring that speaks to the soul of artisanship, James Jeans is the first denim label branded by a woman for fellow women who share common love for fit, quality and trust at the highest level. With equal parts passion and artisanal heritage borne out of noblesse veritas, every James Jeans is made to find the true fit of chic, comfort and confidence.


Brand Q & A

Favourite cocktail: We promote a healthy mind and body without any alcohol consumption :)

Favourite restaurant: Sugarfish

Place of solace: In the D&A Yoga Studio

Best place for inspiration: Flying in our flying yoga studio

Top mantra: Dream alive

What did you want to be when you grew up?  Someone who made an impact in the world doing what I love most