From its origin in the 80s HUMANOID has always chosen its own course. True to the new wave and punk era in which it started. "HUMANOID just happened". There is a firm conviction in advance. The rock-solid belief that with only the best materials and attention to detail, the best collections can be made that pass from season to season. HUMANOID is independent, strong and uninfluenced by hype or temporary trend.


Brand Q & A

Favourite cocktail: Pisco Sour

Favourite restaurant: Choux, Amsterdam. So many creative new chefs in the city, this is just one of them

Place of solace: Papaya Playa in Tulum, Mexico, what a beautiful energy

Best place for inspiration: a sunny terrace in any big metropolis, watching people on the streets is the best!

Top mantra: Follow your intuition

What did you want to be when you grew up?  Veterinarian or an architect, still haven’t made up my mind...