Crossley is experience and experimentation, a quality with no compromises. Thoughtful originality. The result is an exclusive collection achieved with precious and natural yarns; pure cotton and cashmere. Lines are always smooth, often irregular and ideal for lapping up. The style has no repetitions and easily adapts to everyone’s life style. Especially yours.


Brand Q & A

Favourite cocktail: Prosecco sciroppo di fiori di Sambuco seltz menta 

Favourite restaurant: Ristorante di Pesce

Place of solace: Sestola paese di Montagna sull'sppennino Tosco Emiliano

Best place for inspiration: Sul fiume quando sono a pescare a Mosca

Top mantra: Stai calmo, stai calmo, stai calmo

What did you want to be when you grew up?  Archeologo